Friday, September 3, 2010

I have a beef. Or maybe beefcake...

I love to sew and as with any creative industry, there's always the celebrities. In the sewing industry, fortunately, celebrities are more accessible than perhaps the movie industry. (No kidding!)

So when a man decides to sew (or knit or stitch or decorate), it's a novelty. Think Ron Collins, David Page Coffin, Kaffe Fasset, Terry Edward Briceland and John Willard. At sewing conferences I have witnessed women as they ooh and go gaga over them. (I might have been one of them.) Fair dinkum.

Here's the rub.  When a woman enters a "man's" industry, look out! Think banking, military, engineering, aerospace, medicine, and construction; even fashion design.

I like that the sewing industry is so welcoming; I just wish the rest of the world was.

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