Friday, September 3, 2010

Eyewear is all part of your look

I have been wearing glasses a long time. A few years ago, I realized  (slow learner, I know) that for something that was going to be on my face all day, they would be important to my look and personality. So I started spending a lot more time and effort and consequently money on them. But it wasn't until I found an amazing optician that I was totally satisfied with my glasses. People always comment on my glasses, so I'd like to tell you about her.

She is a travelling optician and image consultant for eyewear. She knows the technicalities and the aesthetics of eyewear.  My glasses look and feel great.  She is Wendy Buchanan and her company is Perceptions Eyewear. ( When I meet with Wendy she knows exactly what I'm looking for. It's never a matter of not finding a suitable pair.  It's about narrowing down the choices.  Last time I visited I came away with two pairs.  Plus I have my fun "Hollywood" style prescription sunglasses for driving and the cottage.

My glasses were an investment but they are going to be with me for the next two to three years--every day! And I love them. So when I'm putting together a garment, I know that I have the eyeglasses to complete my outfit.

In fact, here's a pair of BOZ eyeglasses that I have my eye on and for the right occasion, I'm going to go for it!

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