Sunday, September 18, 2016

Thoughtless or Ignorant?

I recently exhibited at QuiltX in the lovely town of St. Marys, ON.

A woman came into the booth, admired the sample garments and looked through the patterns. She seemed in a hurry so I didn't engage her other than a welcoming look.

To my surprise she asked me, "Is there somewhere else I can buy these patterns?"

I replied, "There is but you can't expect me to give you that information."

She pointed at a box of patterns and said, "I can buy Burda at other stores."

I said, "Yes, you can."

She said, "The only reason I asked is that I don't have any cash with me."

Me thinks, 'As if', but says, "I take credit or debit."

She dashes across the aisle to another booth.

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