Friday, December 20, 2013

Negative Nellies - Don't Be a Victim

You've encountered them at work. You've heard them on public transit nattering away to some poor trapped soul. You might even be one (hopefully not). But they can kill your enjoyment of life in general and your sewing hobby in particular, and that would truly be a huge shame.

So as we head into 2014, you are probably thinking of things you would like to do and others that you would like to avoid.

On the "to do" list I recommend taking in a sewing show with the intent of fully exploring all there is to see and do. Don't go with a friend whose interests are different from yours or who will drag you down. Better to agree to meet up at the end of the day for dinner and go on your own merry way the rest of the time.

If there's a Negative Nellie in your sewing group, limit the amount of time you spend listening to her complaints. Give her two to five minutes and change the subject. Otherwise you will find yourself sucked into her world of darkness and go home feeling down, rather than energized. That's not what you signed up for, is it?

What will you do differently in 2014 so that you can get more enjoyment out of your sewing?


  1. Great advice Catherine. I have left a couple of groups due to the high level of negativity from some ladies BUT I have also made some of my dearest friends from them also...needless to say we formed our own group :) Sasha

  2. I have made some wonderful friends through sewing. And that just makes it even better.