Monday, November 1, 2010

It's not paranoia if the world really is out to get you

First the printer, then the computer, then the telephone. The printer won't print because it thinks there's no paper in it, even though there is. The computer attacked by a particularly nasty virus stops functioning and then crashes. All diagnostics say it's fine, but it won't boot. The telephone connection is broken because it relies on the modem in the crashed computer.

In the meantime I am borrowing a computer to get my emails, post on this blog and on facebook, etc. Yesterday, I decided to go onto the Internet and get ideas for pumpkin faces to carve for Hallowe'en and boom, that same nasty virus attacks this borrowed computer. Arrghh!

We caught it in time and it's been cleaned up but it took me out of business for several hours. Now I am really paranoid because maybe, just maybe, the world is out to get me.

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