Thursday, September 8, 2016

How Much for That Top? Don't Ask.

I sell batik rayon and sewing patterns at consumer shows. To promote business, sample making is a requirement. This lovely basic top is one of them.
Inevitably people will ask if the samples are for sale. Generally, the answer is no because they are needed for fashion shows and displays but if a fabric and pattern have sold out, then I would consider it. The conversation goes something like this.

Woman: "Are these garments for sale?
Me: "They are samples of my fabric and patterns. If the fabric and pattern have sold out, I would consider it. But in my experience most people aren't willing to pay what they are worth."
Woman: "What about this top?"
Me: "Yes, I could sell that. If you are serious about paying what it is worth, I will give you a quote."
Woman: "Yes please."
Me: "OK. Give me a minute to calculate the price."
Me: "To cover the price of the fabric, pattern and my time (I only included 2 hours although it took much longer) $80.00."
Woman: (With look of disbelief.) REALLY? (Turns back to me and walks away.)
Me: "Have a good day."

Now I must say that I have sold sample garments to really nice people who appreciate their worth and have paid the price without batting an eye. This post has nothing to do with those kind souls.


  1. And you were willing to part with the top for only 80? People really need to be educated on quality...of fabric, of construction...

  2. Yep- there are silly / rude / clueless people everywhere. But examples of the behaviour of these people seem to be taking over this blog. I find it sort of intimidating. If you are in retail you are bound to meet all kinds of people. Goes with the territory. But I shouldn't be worried about commiting some unknown transgression when I'm in your booth at a show, and really, I am starting to feel that way. Maybe once in a while post about some really nice, cheery enthusiastic customers who spend lots and love fabric? Hopefully they are the main part of your shopper base.