Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sewing Hacks? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

If there's one single annoying, misused and generally irritating word, this is it: HACK. It even sounds nasty. Hack already has perfectly good meanings that make sense. Like, to hack off a tree limb, or a person who professes to be good at something but is not, and more recently, breaking into computer systems. I'm all for language evolution, when it makes sense, but using hack to replace a word like tips is just wrong. Unfortunately, sewing teachers and professionals are using the phrase 'sewing hacks' at an alarming rate. I can only think that someone told them they would look more 'with it' on social media. I wish them good luck. The second most annoying replacement for the word tips, is secrets. Really? Sewing secrets revealed? How many times before it's not a secret any more? When I see these words bandied about, I really feel distrustful of the author.


  1. "Hack", to me, sounds like such an aggressive word, that I find it absolutely incompatible with sewing.