Thursday, May 3, 2012

No Pins! No Basting! No Kidding!

A recent post I made called Insider Secrets from the Garment Industry, I think, is worth a second look.

The point I was making is reinforced in a comment made by a woman who works in the garment industry and has an excellent blog called "Fashion Incubator". This is an excerpt from her response to an individual's comment about the use of pins.

I think I understand what you’re saying Diane but maybe some re-framing is in order. I don’t dislike narrow diameter metal pointy things just because. Home sewers who like pins aren’t stupid or crazy; they use them for good reasons: 
1. Uneven feeding (machine problem) 
2. Joining unmatched seam lengths (pattern problem). 
Pins are a work aid. If pins are being used, this is (usually) a sign of a work around; there is a problem that preceded the stitcher and it’s not their fault. The solution is not to take their pin supply from them; it’s to eliminate their need of them.

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