Friday, January 27, 2012

Road Trip to Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

Not Mississippi in the U.S. but in the Town of Almonte, Ontario, Canada. I never knew such a place existed. I was visiting a sewing friend near Kingston and we decided to go on a road trip. After we attended a meeting of fellow seamsters at the Westport Sewers Forum, we continued on our journey. The Town of Almonte was once a hub of activity when the wool industry was large.

After a delightful lunch in the Wool Mill Restaurant, we visited the textile museum. Our intent was to see the Woven Bridges exhibit at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, which unfortunately ends tomorrow. Textile artists from Canada, U.S. and U.K. are exhibiting fascinating tapestries woven from traditional yarns, plastic waste, rope and paper. Some are light and airy, others dark and mysterious, some brilliant with colour and imagery. After viewing the exhibit, I had a few moments to pop upstairs to see the equipment used to shear, card, spin and weave the wool. Amazing!

Then we popped into a local clothing shop called The White Lilly. The fashions are primarily from Bali but I found a wonderful spring jacket from Paris at 60% discount. Now that was a bonus to an already great day.

Ixchel Suarez was one of the tapestry artists whose work was on display and available for purchase. Visit her website at to view her profile.

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