Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kayla Kennington Inspired Scarf - Fabric Strips with Rolled Hem Edges

Kayla Kennington is a fabulous fibre artist with a unique sewing pattern line. One of her signature seaming techniques involves serging a rolled hem edge, and then joining the garment pieces together using a serpentine or stepped zigzag stitch. The beauty of this approach is that little fabric is wasted and there are no bulky or see-through seam allowances. It wasn't until I started sewing Kayla's patterns that I became so comfortable with serging rolled hems.

The fabric scarf pictured here is comprised of fabric strips with serged rolled hem edges joined with a stepped zigzag stitch. It is tied on the mannequin "Portland, Oregon Style", the way Kayla taught me to tie my scarf.

To make this scarf you will need a fabric that looks good on both sides, serger, serger thread, rayon embroidery thread and a zigzag sewing machine. I used two hand dyed batik rayons from The Batik Butik.

Refer to previous blogs for pictures showing cutting, serging the rolled hem and joining two strips end to end.

1.  Press your fabric with a bit of starch to give it body.

2. Cut the fabric into one-inch wide strips on the crossgrain. I used 16 strips total and two different fabrics.

3. Serge rolled hem edges on both side of the strips, joining two strips together (ends overlapping one inch) as shown in the previous blogs. I used regular serger thread in the needle and lower looper and purple 40wt rayon embroidery thread in the upper looper.

4. Measure for fringe from bottom of two strips, both sides and mark. You will end your joining stitches at this point to allow for a fringe. I used a 12" fringe.

5. Set up your sewing machine to do a serpentine or stepped zigzag stitch. I used a width of 4.0 and length of 1.0.

6. Wind your bobbin with the embroidery rayon thread and thread your machine with the same thread.

7. Take two long strips, align them side by side, and starting in the middle with rolled hem edges butted together, right sides up, join them with the serpentine or stepped zigzag stitch.

8. Being careful to keep the ends even, continue to join until you reach the mark at the top of the fringe. Stitch a bar tac and then lock off stitch.

9. Turn the strips around, right sides up, starting in the middle join the remainder of the strip together in the same manner stopping at the fringe mark with a bar tac.

10.  Continue until you have joined all the strips together to form the scarf.  I joined two at a time until I had four sets of strips and then joined four and four, and so on. Fringed end is pictured below.

11. Use fray check to secure your threads wherever you had a start and stop, and at the ends for the serger tails. Once the fray check has dried completely trim your threads and serger tails. This is an up-close view of the scarf once all strips are joined.

Tie your scarf anyway you like and enjoy your beautiful creation.

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  1. A beautiful scarf. I may have make one too. Thanks for the directions.