Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It Might be an Addiction - Three More Lanyards

As a fashion sewer I don't often venture into a quilt store. But in order to feed my new lanyard addiction, I needed some Christmas and holiday themed fabric. I headed down to my local independent quilt store, The Quilter's Garden Patch, on Bronte Road and found some very nice fabrics. Janet Henry, the owner, was very helpful when I explained what I was doing. I'm sure she spotted me as being in unfamiliar territory right away.

I found, amongst others things, a black print with red poinsettias and metallic gold scroll, Christmas greetings written in script in various colours, and blue with white snowflakes. Here they are all made up as beautiful, handy lanyards.

I got to play with with my Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine and my Simplicity Bias Tape Maker machine, again. The print with the script was a little tricky because the writing was a little off grain. So I had to trim across the width of the fabric to create an edge that lined up perfectly with the writing. Then I cut all strips parallel to that line. It worked out nicely.

And also, as I was stitching the lanyards, I was practicing my edgestitching skills as taught to me by Janet Pray of Islander Sewing Systems. Edgestitching when done to perfection is "one needle width away from the edge". You hold and guide the fabric so as to be in control but allow the feed dogs to do the work. You also need to hold your mouth just the right way (same as for putting on mascara). With the first lanyard I realised that I needed more of that edgestitching practice and I'm happy to say that with each lanyard, I'm getting better and better at it.

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