Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fabric Necklace and Polymer Clay Creation

I was so pleased when this picture arrived in my inbox yesterday. My friend, Barb Alexander, a polymer clay artist, created this gorgeous necklace, taking inspiration from my fabric necklace posts.

See how she incorporated a multi-coloured free-form polymer clay bead as the focal point. She used Corona Black with Gold batik rayon fabric for the strips. After finishing the edges, Barb loosely plaited the strips before attaching to the focal.

Barb Alexander also conducts tours to Bali for women who wish to experience the wonderful centuries-old textile techniques that have made this Indonesian island famous: Tjap and tjanting batik, weaving, ikat, indigo, morinda. You meet the artisans and get right in on the design process with hands-on workshops. Imagine 13 days in a textile and tropical paradise!

Visit Barb's website at to get the details.

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