Friday, November 25, 2011

Different Day - Different Fabric Necklace

Having been so pleased with the previous fabric necklace, I have moved on to creating another but different style of fabric necklace. This version involves fabric that looks good on both sides, rolled hem edges and two metal D-rings.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Choose two or three fabrics that are attractive on both sides. I chose gold with brown and avocado green batik rayon.

2. Cut six one-inch strips of fabric. I used three of each colour.

3. Set up your serger for a three-thread rolled hem using your manual.  I used gold serger thread in my needle and lower looper. I used forest green 40wt embroidery rayon thread in the upper looper. Test until you get an edge you are happy with.

4. Each strip will have a straight across short end and a pointed short end. To achieve this you will start to serge your strip in the middle of one short end and gradually come out to the long edge.

5. Continue to serge along the first long edge just skimming off a little of the fabric with the serger knife. I find that keeping the edge of the fabric along the edge of my serger's ledge achieves this nicely.

6. Continue serging the first edge and serge straight off the end. This short end stays straight across.

7. Turn the strip around being careful to keep the "right" side of the rolled hem edge up. Line up the previously serged edge just to the left of the presser foot and begin serging at the end that you just serged off of.

8. Continue to serge along the second edge of the fabric strip, keeping the first serged rolled hem just skimming along the left edge of your presser foot.

9. When you are close to the end of the strip you will want to start serging toward the middle to meet the beginning of the first serged edge to form a point.

10. Carefully serger off the end, forming the point. Do not cut the serger tail.

11. Continue in this manner until you have serged all six fabric strips.

12. Take three of your fabric strips and insert them through one of the metal D-rings. You can arrange the strips in any order you like.

13. Using a narrow or zipper foot stitch the fabric to attached the first D-ring.

14. Trim away some of the fabric.

15. Take the remaining three fabric strips and insert them through the second metal D-ring.

16. Place the fabric strips so that the raw ends are facing together and the D-rings are slightly off-set.

17. Stitch the fabric strips together attaching the second D-ring in the process.

18. Carefully arrange your fabric strips so they are flat and in alignment. Then take the serger tails of the pointed ends and pull them through both D-rings so the necklace ends are coming together as shown.

19. Take the same serger tails again and thread them back through the one D-ring to the left. Proceed to pull the pointed ends of the strips through and arrange to the length you prefer.

20. You can trim or leave the serger tails, knot the ends, or add jewellry findings as I have done. Be sure to use a fray check product on the tails or trimmed ends so that they do not unravel.

21. You may wish to add a brooch, chains or other embellishments to your necklace to complete the look.

22. Wear and enjoy.

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