Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fantastic Jacket Tip - Interline with Silk Organza

Japanese Twill Cotton Print - More Cats!
Many of today's jackets are unstructured so they don't come with the traditional interfacings and linings of a tailored garment. While the softer look of an unstructured jacket is often desirable, there can be drawbacks. If you are using a natural fabric such as raw silk, linen or cotton, the garment may not slip on and off easily. The fabric may catch on undergarments, ride up and wrinkle excessively.

There is a simple, fast and cost effective way to take care of any of these challenges. Underline the garment with silk organza. Silk is natural and breathes so it won't make the garment uncomfortable to wear the way a synthetic interfacing would. It is light so it doesn't add weight to the garment. And it has body, so it helps the garment keep its shape and wrinkle less. And silk organza is smooth, so your jacket slips on and off easily.

Prewash your fashion fabric and the silk organza. Lay your fashion fabric out wrong side up. Lightly spray with a temporary adhesive, then use a metre stick or yard stick to smooth it out. Lay out your pattern pieces and cut the fashion fabric and organza as one. (This is a tip I received from Janet Pray of Islander Sewing Systems.)

Choose a colour of silk organza that is the closest match to your fashion fabric. An exact match is not necessary. Silk organza is more readily available in black, white and cream from your local or online independent retailer. Other colours may be more difficult to come by. However, you can easily dye your organza to match your fashion fabric using an all-purpose dye or dyes made specifically for protein fibres.

With silk organza interlining you can confidently sew your favourite unstructured or unlined jackets in wonderful natural fabrics and prints. Distinctive Sewing Supplies has a new shipment of Japanese cotton linen prints, Asian dobby cotton prints and silk fabrics, as well as silk organza. All will be featured at the Fall Creativ Festival in Toronto Oct 21-23, 2011. Visit our Booth No. 830 to see them plus a host of other great new woven and knit fashion fabrics.

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