Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Because It's Free Doesn't Mean It's Good

Many well-meaning organizations, big name organizations in fact, are sending out free downloads to all kinds of things. One of them is sewing techniques. And while there are many ways to sew, many oft touted techniques are unhelpful, time consuming and don't give the best results.

So while the best things in life may be free, unhelpful free downloads can cost you plenty--time, experience and fabric.

In my opinion there are two proper ways to sew: couture and ready-to-wear. Couture is beautiful custom work that delivers a superior garment. The ready-to-wear approach delivers professional looking garments quickly. The third way, is the homemade way. And most of the techniques you see in the "how to sew" books, free downloads and many mass produced pattern instructions guarantee this unsatisfactory sewing experience.

Fabric stores, online and offline are desperately trying to attract young sewers. And they are doing so with dumbed down classes focusing on recycled t-shirts and 25 page books in neon colours, lots of white space and instant gratification. Is that the way to hook them in? How do you then keep them interested?

If learning the correct way is faster and gives better results, then I think it is worth the investment. I started sewing when I was very young. I read books and attended classes and had a lot of unhappy sewing experiences. However, I loved it so much that when it worked out well, it kept me going. By chance only I heard about industrial sewing techniques from my local sewing shop. I took a day class and was impressed. I investigated further and discovered The Islander Sewing Systems method. I booked myself for a four day certification course in Michigan. It was and continues to be the best investment in sewing that I have ever made. My sewing has improved dramatically in the last six years. I wish I had taken it 30 years ago.

If you want to sew smarter, faster and with professional results, I highly recommend you find out more about The Islander Sewing System and give it a try.

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  1. I totally agree! The whole world wants instant gratification and perhaps that's why sewing is becoming a dying hobby. It is a skill that most can learn but it takes practice. When I taught sewing to adults they would sulk and swear at the mere thought of ripping out and trying again. They wanted to be fashion designers and dressmakers in 6 weeks! Kids around 10 to 12 were far more receptive to the process and produced better quality work. I really enjoyed my pant drafting class with The Islander Sewing System and look forward to taking another class.