Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quincy Pant - Tapered and Flattering

When I was in Montreal last week, I visited a lovely and chic boutique in the old city. The store clerk insisted I try on a pair of Michael Kors knit pants. I looked at the size 14 label and thought; "Are you kidding me?". But I decided to give it a try. I could barely do up the waistband but surprisingly, the rest of the pant fit pretty well. They were black and therefore slimming, and tapered. Other than the too tight waistband and butt, they looked really, really good!

I decided then that I would make myself a pair of tapered pants when I returned home. The new Quincy Pant from The Sewing Workshop seemed like a good choice. I whipped up a pair using a black cotton spandex woven fabric. I made a few adjustments (having recently created my own pant muslin using the Islander Pants, Etc! workbook) and this trial pair turned out very well.  I made the XXL but I found that it was a little too baggy.

I have now cut out the size XL in a navy Ponte de Roma double knit. I think I'm gonna like these pants a lot. I also have some lovely navy and silver brocade on the cutting table for the Quincy Top. The two garments will make a great outfit for the holiday season.

The Quincy Top & Pant pattern from The Sewing Workshop pattern collection will be available at our Booth #830 at the Creativ Festival in Toronto. Meet Linda Lee, the designer and owner of The Sewing Workshop Collection at our booth during the Creativ Festival.

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  1. Can't wait to see the pants.
    I made a card from the Islander pattern. I posted it on my blog. I wanted to link to your store website but couldn't. Will it be up soon?