Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit - Montreal

There is little that is as tame as the 1999 evening gown shown here in the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. The display of garments from several of the designer's collections are fascinating, provocative and outrageous. Use of animated mannequins, including one of the designer himself, make the display both intriguing and creepy--but very much appropriate. The exhibit is summed up quite nicely on the Museum's website.

Montreal itself is a beautiful city to visit in the summer. The architecture, the wide boulevards and the old city make walking about on a sunny day a true pleasure. Somehow, Montreal seems much more vibrant than at any other time I had visited, with the possible exception of Expo '67.

If you go, be sure to add on another day and visit the textile shops on St. Hubert. There are several, but C&M Textiles and Goodman Textiles are two of note.

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