Monday, April 11, 2011

Riviera Shirt - Linen Blend - The Sewing Workshop Collection

The trick with mixing fabrics is to avoid the "plop art" look. You know, the look that someone just plopped a piece of fabric or embellishment on the garment. This is often seen in RTW where the front of a top is embellished but the back is plain as if no one is going to see you from behind!

With the Riviera Shirt pictured here the black and white print is used on the right front, around the collar band and collar and then again on the left sleeve. This creates balance but also is much more effective than just doing the collar or just the right front.

This is an asymmetrical, very loose fitting shirt with a traditional collar band and collar. The sleeves are rather long for me so I had to shorten by about 2". The diagonal front and left side slit create additional style.

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  1. What a busy sewist you have been this weekend. Did you get a chance to see and feel the sun this weekend? All three shirts are beautiful. This is my personal favourite. Thanks for the lesson on mixing fabric. I love the term "plop art".