Monday, April 11, 2011

Christine Jonson Swing Shirt #505

Well, I risked it. Sewing under pressure a new pattern for the upcoming Creative Festival. The Swing Shirt is my kind of shirt. Since my hips seem to be on a campaign to outgrow all other body parts in size, styles with ample room in this area are my now my friends. And I don't want to look like a tent either.

This shirt hangs straight in the front for a welcomed lengthening effect. The collar can be worn open or buttoned up and the drop shoulders mean no special fitting required (a blessing for us narrow shouldered people). The sleeves are very narrow at the wrist so they can be pushed up; another nice feature for the short-armed.

The scariest part was making it in a lovely drapey rayon spandex knit. Not being that familiar with sewing knits, I was somewhat concerned. However, it all went together beautifully and looks very becoming on the body. This is going to be a favourite.

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