Thursday, March 17, 2011

It Takes a Man - The Crochet Crowd

Kenneth King, Ron Collins, Kaffe Fassett, Peter Lappin and now Michael Sellick. Whenever a man has the courage or even just the talent to enter the area of arts and crafts that women have dominated for centuries, they are welcomed with open arms. They are a novelty; they are admired, they are revered and even have fans that follow them faithfully. We are curious as to how they would even consider a public career in activities like sewing, knitting, crocheting and beading, things that women do in the privacy of their homes so people won't take them to be too feminine, not serious or bright enough to be leaders or of importance in their communities.

Michael Sellick of Walkerton, Ontario is the leader of The Crochet Crowd, an online community of hookers of the yarn kind. He has hundreds of thousands of fans. And he has put fun back into crochet with all his YouTube videos. Good for you Mickey!

I have crocheted since a very young age. I enjoyed it much more than knitting. I like the idea of only having to deal with one stitch at a time and being able to easily take back a few stitches to make a correction. But I never really liked the look of crochet as compared to knitting, so I don't do a lot of it anymore. That may all change.

You can catch Mikey at the Creativ Festival April 15 and 16, in Mississauga, Ontario; for details.

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