Friday, February 4, 2011

Folkwear: Unique patterns with timeless style

Did you know that we carry most of these incredible patterns here in Canada? All patterns are priced at par, meaning no mark-up for foreign exchange. And if we don't have the pattern you want, we will get it for you.
Folkwear patterns are drafted from historic and ethnic costume. They appeal to a broad range of garment sewers for many reasons:
Reenactment:  Individuals who recreate some aspects of a historical event. Patterns such as the Croatian Shirt, MLady's Corset, Kinsale Cloak and Walking Skirt from the Old Europe and Romantic categories are popular.
Dancing: People who engage in recreational and professional belly dancing, ballroom and latino dancing purchase patterns from the Caravan category such as the Flamenco Dress & Practice Skirt, Tribal Headdress & Makeup Booklet, Tribal Style Belly Dancer and Turkish Dancer.
Martial Arts: The Japanese Hakama & Kataginu is a big seller.
Country & Western:  Frontier Shirts, Big Sky Riding Skirt, Rodeo Cowgirl Jacket, Rodeo Cowgirl Skirt and Country Frock Coat all fit the bill for this ever popular style.
Asian:  There are many Asian patterns, from the authenic Kimono to Tibetan Panel Coat, Chinese Pajamas and more, Asian styles are comfortable and ageless.
Vintage:  It's a pleasue to see so many sewers, young and old, sewing and wearing styles from the early to mid 20th century:  Swing Suit, Traveling Suit, Beach Pyjamas, Hollywood Pant and Glamour Girl Dress. Shades of Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.
Halloween and Fancy Dress:  Patterns from any category!
Classics:  These are the garments that, depending on the fabric used, will be very wearable for many occasions.  Hong Kong Cheongsam, Travelling Suit, Swing Suit, Sophisticated Lady, Empire Dress, Armistice Blouse, Walking Skirt, Gibson Girl Blouse, Scottish Kilts, Tibetan Chupa, Wall Street Blouse & Skirt, Bolivian Milkmaid's Jacket, and Nepali Blouse are all possibilities.

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