Friday, January 28, 2011

Shirtmaking Part 1: why take a shirtmaking class?

If you like to sew garments, consider taking a shirtmaking course.  There are lots of good reasons.

1. Shirts are ubiquitous: they are always in fashion, worn by men and women, and people of all ages.

2. A well made, well fitting shirt looks good on just about anyone.

3. If you don't like the look of ready-to-wear shirts, you can make your own shirt in any style or fabric to suit yourself.

4. If you sew for someone who can't find ready-to-wear that fits, custom shirtmaking is a blessing.

5. Once have mastered shirtmaking, you can get very creative designing your own shirts just by playing with fabrics, and the various shirt components:  collars, collar bands, plackets, pockets, yokes, hems, pleats, sleeves, seams, cuffs and closures.

6.  You can dress it up for evening or dress it down for casual. You can make work shirts and business shirts.

7. The comfort factor in shirtmaking is important. Is the fabric comfortable next to the skin; is it cool in hot climates, warm in colder weather; is it styled to wear untucked or tucked; open or buttoned up collar; is there enough movement for working or activities? When you sew shirts for yourself or others, you can customise to the wearer's exact needs.

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