Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Not to Wear...

Stacey and Clinton continue to rescue women from their poor taste in clothing. Last night a beautiful, tall 47 year old woman who was comfortable in her khakis was transformed into a beautiful woman who looked totally uncomfortable in her own skin. Maybe she looked a little plainer before but her natural beauty shone through. Her clothes fit well. Did they really have to all go into that trash can? Wouldn't it be a real challenge for Stacey and Clinton to take her existing wardrobe, add a few accents, build on it and come out looking great. Or that just wouldn't make for great tv? Now that woman has to contend with trips to the hairdresser once a month to keep up the colour and trim the bangs. She looked great in her blonde blunt cut that would look good for several months at a time. And she has to learn to walk in those heels. I hope she has the strength to take from that experience what she's comfortable with and able to maintain and ditch the rest.

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