Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Invisible Zipper - Again

Lotus Skirt
Having sewn an invisible zipper recently, I thought I'd just put another one in based on memory. You see, my husband was working on my website and I didn't have access to my computer's DVD drive to play my Easy Zippers DVD. And I was too lazy to go and put it in the DVD player and watch it on television. I was working on another Lotus Skirt from The Sewing Workshop Collection. The zipper is inserted in the side seam which is has a curve and a cross seam due to the yoke. You want the zipper to match exactly the cross seam and follow the curve without gaping or rippling; and match up at the waistline.

Well my memory wasn't that great and although I was too lazy to play the DVD, it turned out I wasn't too lazy to rip out the zipper twice after making a mess of it. I set the whole thing aside and this morning, got up, played the Easy Zippers DVD. There were Janet and Rosebud showing me the correct way to do it. I followed the instructions and I got a perfect result, first time. Duh!

But I learned something else in the process. The skirt called for a 9" zipper. My local fabric store only sells 8" and then 15" invisible zippers.  I should have gone for the longer rather than the shorter version. In the sewing process the 8" becomes a 6.5" and it may be difficult for the wearer to get it over her shoulders or coming the other way, over her hips. Next time...

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