Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two for the Christmas Wish List

You get to a certain age and the inevitable answer to the question "What do you want for Christmas?" is "I can't think of anything." I never want clothes because I am very particular about what I wear. Same goes for jewellery. When I was in the corporate world I used to say I wanted stockings because they were expensive and I went through a couple of pairs a week. But I don't have to wear those anymore (except on special occasions). Red wine and a good tapenade will always be appreciated.
But now that I have garment sewing as my one true activity that I engage in almost daily, I can come up with a decent wish list. And my wish list on Amazon books is one way that I let people know what I want. (Actually, only a few immediate family members exchange gifts anymore, thankfully.)

So there are two books that are top on my list (highest priority on Amazon): Pattern Magic and Pattern Magic 2.  Both are by Japanese author Tomoko Nakamichi and based on her research into garment construction. I wish I could put up some pictures of the book covers here but they are copyrighted images. (To my dismay I have found people are putting images of the book pages on the Internet. Buy your own copy and lend the book if you must, but don't copy it!)

I decided to visit Amazon and put it into my wish list and that's where I found out about the pre-orders for Pattern Magic 2. Not surprisingly the first book is out of stock. I can wait.

Santa, I've been good this year... really.

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