Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Silk Screen with Gunnel Hag Images

My teenager likes to wear garments with skulls and I thought it would be fun to sew some shirts and silk screen some skulls on them. These are my preliminary strike-offs and now that I know how to get clear images very simply and quickly (sorry, you have to take the course to learn the secrets) I am confident I can do this and get teenager approved results.

Camo Skully
For the black on white image I used Colour Vie black pigment in a polymer base with some pearl for a bit of shimmer. The black is transparent although the pearl is not. However, there was not enough pearl to make the image opaque.

For the "green" skulls, I painted and textured some Colour Vie pigment on cotton and let it dry. Then I silk screened a negative of the previous skull image onto the fabric. Looks nice and creepy.

The third image is a hand-dyed rusty coloured silk chiffon scarf. I silk screened a yellow gold pigment that doesn't show up very well and then a purple with some pearl added.  The image I used was royalty-free from Dover publication Ornamental Forms from Nature. It is a botanical image but I call it "sketchy branches" as it is a little reminiscent of bones the way the branches join.
Sketchy Scarf

This workshop was just too much fun. I went to Curry's yesterday and purchased a jar of "glow-in-the-dark" fabric paint. Those skulls are going to be a hit!

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