Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Retail pricing on major company patterns a myth?

Does anyone ever pay retail price on Vogue, Butterick and McCall's patterns? Is the retail price just a big myth? Do these pattern companies really think that we believe their patterns are worth the stated retail price?

I subscribe to Vogue patterns and I really do like them, especially designers like Koos and Miyake. But come on. Visit their website and they list a designer pattern as retail $30. But it's always crossed out because if you order online the regular price is $18. They have sales about once a month where the patterns are $4.99 and if you are a BMV Club member, your price is 50 cents less.  Sometimes they sell to members as low as $3.88 each. So tell me then, who is ever going to pay $30? or even $18 for a designer Vogue pattern? Please just price them reasonably and stop with all the so-called specials! It will prevent pattern hoarding and stashes of patterns we will never actually get around to sewing.

And what about the poor independent retailer? How could they ever compete when their supplier is undercutting them by selling below their cost? For example if you shop Vogue patterns at the Pattern Review website, you get 10% off retail if you are a member. That $30 pattern will be $28. Why would anyone do that?

There's something fishy here in the land of sewing patterns. So based on what I have observered thus far, I would say that the true retail price of a designer Vogue pattern is about $5.00. Is there a watch dog out there in the land of retail marketing that can stop this madness?

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