Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fantastic Fantasia Jacket - Pictures!

Well, I never did find the cable to my digital camera, but I found out that my new Blackberry takes some pretty decent photos. While I was putting away my sample garments from the Creativ Festival it occurred to me I should take some photos and display them here.

This is the Fantasia Jacket from the Modular Design pattern collection by Kayla Kennington. I made the standard version without the bustle option (centre back bustle) in a silk cotton jacquard and silk cotton sateen. The jacquard is a striking Mackintosh-style rose that is surprisingly light. The silk cotton sateen has a nice sheen and is semi-sheer making it perfect for layering. I interfaced the silk cotton sateen for the lapel to give it some body and stability.

This pattern is not for the faint of heart. There are 28 pieces to cut out on this version and 32 on the bustle version; add to that two more pieces for ties if you make the cross-over version. There's nothing too difficult about the construction other than keeping track of the garment pieces. So marking with painter's tape on the wrong side of each piece is a good idea.

I used Kayla's signature rolled hem seaming technique which gives the seams a lovely piped look and a lettuce edge to the godets. I sewed Chinese knot buttons at the apex of each godet and cinched in the centre back panel with a Chinese frog closure.

This jacket pattern is flattering because the godets float over the hips and accent the waist. It is a great pattern for creating a stunning and unique garment. Fabric choices will greatly influence the look of the garment.

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