Monday, November 22, 2010

Easy Zippers DVD - Worth the Dollars

Lotus Skirt
My latest sewing project is the Lotus Skirt from The Sewing Workshop Collection. The Lotus Skirt has been around for many years and I have had the pattern in my stash for some time. I decided it was time to make a sample garment and see what it was all about. I chose a Size 16 although there is no way that it would fit me. But I make samples in various sizes for my customers to see at the shows.

I chose a teal stripe on very dark (almost black) navy wool blend. The fabric is washable with almost no shrinkage. Stripes are great for this pattern as you can see from the photograph.

There is a zipper in the left side seam and I prefer an invisible zipper for this design. But I hadn't inserted an invisible zipper for ages. And I don't remember how to do it off the top of my head.

Easy Zippers DVD
No worries mate! I have the Easy Zippers DVD by Janet Pray and Rosebud. I've already been taught by
Rosebud on how to do the invisible zipper but seeing her do it again on this DVD is a perfect reminder. I run through the DVD and pause it. Sew. Come back to see what's next, etc. The result is a perfectly sewn zipper.

Better than many notions I have purchased to help me put in zippers.  It is well worth the money at $41.95. I have reviewed this DVD time and time again and avoided a lot, and I mean a lot, of ripping out and resewing. Zippers no longer scare me, because I have Janet and Rosebud here to help me through every one of them.

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