Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm sewing but I'm not entirely happy...

The Angel Top
I have been sewing today, working on the Angel Top, the Perennial Pant and the Kwan Yin Kimono, all garments from the Modular Design pattern series. You see, I am sewing sample garments (some day to be "my garments") for the upcoming Creativ Festival (Oct 22-24) in Toronto. I have an exhibitor's booth there (No. 830) and I do a daily trunk show about the Modular Design pattern collection by Kayla Kennington. I like to feature new creations every season.

And two of my favourite machines are in for servicing at the moment; my Bernina 800DL serger and Brother Nouvelle 1500S. I love my Bernina 800DL for Kayla's signature rolled hem edge with rayon embroidery thread. But I also need it to finish seam allowances in the usual way.  I can't really complete any garments without it. I know I should have two sergers, but that's a big purchase and I can't afford that right now.

The Brother is a workhorse industrial-like machine that straight stitches only. It is perfect for accurate and quick straight stitched seams and topstitching.

Luckily I still have my Bernina White Pearl here which does the zigzags, buttonholes and other fancy stitches that I need. And a decent straight stitch when required.

I'm anxiously waiting for the phone call from Linda at the Oakville Sewing Centre to tell me my machines are all in top form, so I can rush off and get them. When they are back home safely installed in their custom sewing cabinets, I'll be in my happy sewing place again.

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