Friday, September 17, 2010

Fantasia Jacket - The Journey Continues

Silk Cotton Jacquard
I chose two fabrics for the Fantasia Jacket.  One is a silk/cotton jacquard in black and white. It has a little drape to it and it is very easy to work with.  For the godets and lapel I am using a silk/cotton semi-sheer sateen.  It is shiny on the right side and matte on the other side. The sateen is drapey, making it perfect for the godets but not so perfect for the lapels.  I have decided to line and interface the lapels for stability and strength. The seaming technique uses a rolled hem on the serger.  For that I am using three spools of black rayon embroidery thread.  I like the sheen of the rayon thread. Black rayon embroidery thread is also used to join the seams with a multi-stitch zigzag.  I butt the rolled hem edges together, right sides up, and stitch them together with the multi-stitch zigzag.

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